This is for you

I’m Sam, and I spend my time travelling, planning more travel, and writing about travel. At other times in my life I’ve been a commercial writer and producer, a banker, a cinema manager, a hotel receptionist, and a journalist, but the travel bug is real, so now I just run this website and freelance on the side.

I write this site for you: for those who dream about travel, those saving their pennies to go, and those who are on the road. For both the fresh-faced and the experienced. Those who want to see the world, experience culture, and not just the tourist traps.

Why? Because while I was lucky enough to travel overseas with my family when I was young, planning my own travel was intimidating. I relied on (and still rely on) blogs to teach me the best tips on both how to travel and where to travel. And after travelling to over forty countries I wanted to give back.

I love to be on the road, and I love to share my experiences with you. If it helps just one person get to one destination that’s so worth it! So if you’re dreaming of travel, on the road, or seeking a new path – this is for you.

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