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How to get around Taiwan’s Green Island | MAY 2019

Need to get around Taiwan's Green Island? Not sure whether to scoot, ride, bus, drive, cycle or walk? Here's everything you need to know!

So you’ve endured the ferry ride or the plane, and are kissing dry land on the tiny Green Island. What next? While Green Island is not big, walking the whole loop would take some serious time. But, good news! There are few different options for getting around Green Island that are pretty cost effective (because we’re all about saving them dollars).

Getting around Green Island Option #1: Scooter Rental (Recommended)

I’ve made renting a scooter option #1 because it is the number one option. You follow? If I’m honest, I’m not actually big on renting scooters in Asia because it can get pretty tricky with travel insurance and travellers crash literally every day.

But, for some areas of Taiwan we made an exception – why? Taiwanese drivers are exceptionally polite, the roads in these areas are not busy, and overall we felt super safe. Plus, there really is nothing like whizzing alone a coastal road with the wind in your hair and a winding road ahead of you.

Electric vs. Petrol Scooter

If you’re apprehensive about renting a scooter I would definitely recommend an electric scooter. You don’t need an international license to drive them, they’re super easy to control, and you don’t have to worry about filling up at Green Island’s only gas station (yes, there is only one!)

You do need to keep an eye on your battery though to make sure you don’t end up stranded, but these babies whizz you around for a while! We hired an electric scooter for $600 NTD for 24 hours.

An abandoned digger on Taiwain's Green Island
If you’re a mechanical whizz, maybe you can get this baby up and running!

Even better, because we did it through our hostel owner we rented it from 10am one day until 2pm the next – four hours in the middle of the day for free! Definitely see if you can negotiate an arrangement like this, it’s worth it if you’re taking one of the later ferries or flights home.

If you’re more familiar with driving a scooter or a motorbike and keen to save some cash (aren’t we all?), you can go for a good ‘ol petrol scooter. These are cheaper and more common than the electric scooters. A 24-hour rental of a petrol scooter will cost you around $250 NTD, but could be as cheap as $100 NTD.

Getting around Green Island Option #2: Shuttle Bus

There is a little minibus that runs in a loop around the island for a cheap price. However, you will need to weigh up if that will really work for you as it could leave you waiting out in the rain or the hot sun – not particularly ideal.

Taiwan Green Island Shuttle Bus Timetable
Roll up, roll up! Get your timetables here!

The minibus does stop and wait briefly at some of the main, quick tourist attractions, but if you’re planning on doing some walks this won’t be ideal. However, it is cheap at only $100 NTD per person. If you’re not into renting a scooter, this could be an option for you.

Getting around Green Island Option #3: Car Rental

We’ve heard it’s possible to rent a car on the island, but this is a less common route so information on this is a bit vague. It may be easiest to enquire with your accommodation if they can arrange something or point you in the right direction.

A Jeep could get your around Taiwan's Green Island
Your mileage may vary.

Car hire in Taiwan doesn’t seem to run on the cheaper side, but if you’re travelling in a group it could be the best option to travel together and split the cost.

Getting around Green Island Option #4: Cycle

There are a few bicycle rental places around the island, but the quality of the bikes is a little bit questionable. If you decide to bike it, make sure you examine the bike carefully for rust, dodgy tyres or gears, and take it on a test ride first.

We only saw two people who had elected to take this option on our trip, but don’t know if they even attempted to ride around the whole island.

Getting around Green Island Option #5: Walk

I’m going to throw this hat in the ring because it is technically possible; Green Island’s main road is only 18 kilometres, so if you’re super keen to stretch your legs and save some cash walking the island could be for you!

Should you explore Taiwan’s Green Island? Um, DEFINITELY. Need to know how to get there or what to do on the island? I’ve got it all! 👇👇

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